How does CureOnTour work?

STEP 1 - Obtain a medical travel estimate
We want to know about you, your medical needs and your expectations. Our partner doctors and specialists need to review your current medical condition.
You will also receive our medical questionnaire and a release form authorizing us to forward your medical information and records to our medical partners.
Next you will receive a medical estimate that you may want to discuss with your physician. Your medical estimate will include a travel and accommodation package designed specifically around your health care needs. Once you have decided on a doctor/hospital, Cure on Tour will coordinate your travel and surgery plans.
Hospital fees include your stay, board, lodge and nursing for the amount of days specified in your contract. Physician and surgeon charges are also included, as well as any initial consultations and medical tests as specified. Each quote will accompany specific terms and conditions.

STEP 2 - Book Your Procedure And Travel

After you have accepted the medical estimate and your travel dates are confirmed, we will require a 20% refundable deposit. Surgery dates at our top hospitals fill up quickly and we can NOT confirm your procedure until we receive the deposit. We accept several forms of payment. Your coordinator will gladly assist you.

We have obtained preferred airfare prices for Cure on Tour medical travel clients from Air Malaysia, the national airline of Malaysia, and we will assist with travel preparations and booking your flight. As your departure date nears, we will require you to deposit the remainder of your medical travel estimate.

STEP 3 - Your Surgery

Cure on Tour has arranged Personal Assistant (P.A) at your destination. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation. We ensure that you are given very important and comfortable facilities. Usually the following day, we will take you to your surgeon or specialist for a pre-surgery check. You and your physician will determine if you are ready for your chosen procedure. If it is determined that the procedure will go ahead as scheduled, we will ask you to authorize disbursement of your deposited funds.
After your procedure, your surgeon or specialist will perform a post-surgery check and determine if you can be released from the hospital. Our P.A will pick you up from the hospital and take you back to your accommodations to recuperate. With certain procedures we have qualified around-the-clock nursing care available. If your condition permits, we encourage you to stay and explore the natural beauty and scenery Malaysia has to offer, or just enjoy your deluxe accommodations until your planned trip home. Regardless, our P.A is there for you during your entire stay.

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