Frequently Asked Questions

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What is medical travel?
How do I know if the quality of the care is good?
What should I tell my doctor?
Can I reach you via my Skype again to discuss my needs?
What is the best format for Medical Reports?
I am a small business owner, can CureOnTour assist me to develop a medical tourism service offering for my employees?
How can I reach CureOnTour when I am abroad?
Why does medical care cost so much less abroad?
What services are included in my medical estimate?
What training and background do the physicians at your partner hospitals have?
Do your partner medical facilities maintain the same standards of sanitation?
Do partner Medical facilities have access to the latest technology and medical devices?
What factors should I consider when choosing the hospital?
How is the nursing care/staff?
Will I experience language difficulties or translation problems?
How safe is my information that I enter onto the CureOnTour website?
How many days prior to the operation do I have to leave?
How many days after the operation can I stay?
Why have you selected Malaysia as your medical tourism destinations?
Does CureOnTour give medical opinions and advice?
How can I get started?
Why should I send my Medical Profile?
Will I be able to speak to the doctor in Malaysia before going on my trip?
What if something goes wrong when I am so far away?
Will someone be there to pick me up from the airport?
Will I need a translator?
Does CureOnTour own the hospitals?
I’ve never traveled overseas and worry about traveling to a foreign country?
Will I need a passport or visa?
Can someone come with me?
Is there a higher level of risks in treatment abroad?
After my treatment in Malaysia, can I see a local physician in my home district for follow-up visits?

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