Malaysia Overview

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Malaysia & The People

Malaysia is a land of fascinating sights and attractions and in 2007 the country celebrated its 50th year of independence.

Rich in colours and contrasts, Malaysia's multi-faceted charm provides intriguing images that leave visitors in awe. The warmth of Malaysians is legendary; the friendliness and hospitality of the people a very special experience. It is paradise.

The sun-drenched beaches, enchanting islands, diverse flora and fauna, forest retreats and magnificent mountains are among the best in this region. It is also a shopping haven, offers versatile conference venues, an incentive destination and much more.

Malaysia is a country of contrasts. Endowed with 3,000 kilometers of coastline, several historic cities, a unique cultural mix, a string of cool hill resorts, the world's oldest rainforest - and even Southeast Asia's highest mountain.

Geographically, Malaysia comprises two distinct land mass joined in 1963 after federation and independence from Britain in 1957. The Malayan Peninsula is the historic home of the Malay people. It is the economic and population center of this dynamic and modern nation. East Malaysia covers the northern rim of the mystical Borneo Island.

Malaysia is predominantly a Malay country and a melting pot of various races - Chinese, Indian and several indigenous tribes such as the Iban, Penan and Negrito. While enjoying multiculturalism many traditions, culture, dress, religion, food and architecture are preserved.

Malaysia as a Holiday Destination

Malaysia is the gateway to a special and distinctive world and this step is taken in ease and comfort because of its modern transport infrastructure and high quality accommodation. It is a modern country where English is widely spoken. It is safe and secure with well administered public services and health care.

Malaysia offers a huge range of seaside relaxation from luxurious resorts to deserted island beaches.

On the northwest coast of the peninsula sits the island of legends, Langkawi. Surrounded by intricate coves, inlets and golden sand beaches, Langkawi offers visitors international quality resorts and hotels to affordable chalets. For fun and activities there are water sports, a golf course and duty-free shopping.

Further down the coast lies Penang. Penang has long been a popular holiday destination for both local and foreign holidaymakers. This large island offers many distinctive attractions, such as the Penang Hill resort, botanical gardens, rainforest, quaint Malay villages and the historic port city of Georgetown. Further south, along the coast is Pangkor Island, a popular getaway with miles of sandy beaches and interesting resorts catering to both the high-end and the budget-conscious.

On the east coast of the Malayan Peninsula, sits Tioman Island. It is surrounded by miles of soft white sand and palm trees. The interior is still virgin forest and mountainous where wild flowers grow undisturbed. Tioman offers paradise for nature to marine sport lovers.

East Malaysia also boasts beach resorts such as at Damai, near Kuching, with its brilliant white sands and the Sarawak Cultural Village - a museum of Sarawak's ethnic cultures. The real highlight however, is diving in the clear waters off Labuan, Sipadan and Layang-layang Islands in Sabah.

For nature lovers, Malaysia offers a plethora of adventure and sports such as jungle trekking, white-water rafting, mountain and rock climbing, cave exploration, scuba diving, kayaking, mountain biking and more. The country is largely unspoiled despite modernization. The interior inhabited by native tribes has dense forests, rapids, mountains, ancient cave formations, bountiful marine life and wildlife.


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