Arts, Culture, Festivals, Events, Sports & Recreation

Many traditional arts, culture and handicrafts are kept alive by the communities.

During festivals and special occasions the communities perform traditional dances and shows. Besides the religious festivals, the communities get together to celebrate public events like the Chingay in Penang and Merdeka Day. In the eastern states, the harvest season is celebrated with giant kites, top spinning and traditional puppet shows.

  1. Joget - Traditional barn-dance
  2. Wayang Kulit - Puppet Show
  3. Giant Kite - The Wau
  4. Top Spinning - Gasing
  5. Rattan Football - Sepak Tekraw
  6. Martial Art - Silat

Many Malaysian festivals are celebrated based on the religious calendar of the multi-cultural and multi-racial society. To many, it means house decoration, new clothes, stocking up cakes and cookies, visiting friends and relatives and enjoying the public holiday.



  • Hari Raya - End of Ramadan (Jan)
  • Chinese New Year - Lunar Calendar (Feb)
  • Deepavali - Indian festival of lights
  • Wesak Day - Buddha's birthday
  • Mooncake Festival (Sept)
  • Christmas Day (Dec)
  • Merdeka Day - Independence (Aug)


  • International Kite Festival - Rice harvesting (May)
  • Mega Sale Carnival - Shopping (March, May, Dec)
  • Le Tour De'Langkawi - Bicycle Race (Feb)
  • World Amateur Inter-team Competition (Apr-Aug)
  • Sarawak Regatta - Sailing competition
  • Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon (Oct)
  • Rainforest World Music Fest (July)
  • Colours of Malaysia (May-June)
  • Labuan Sea Challenge (May)
  • Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (December)
  • Formula 1 Grand prix (March)

Malaysians are enthusiastic sports lovers. Popular national sports are soccer, badminton, hockey, tennis and squash. The country is one of the best badminton nations in the world and has produced many world champions in the past.

Golf is growing in popularity and many excellent courses are built around the country.

The F1 Grand Prix is raced in Sepang, 40 km south of Kuala Lumpur each year and attracts huge number of visitors from overseas.

Diving is another very popular Malaysian sport. The rugged coasts in the eastern states and Borneo offer excellent dive sites. The warm waters that surround Malaysia attract many varieties of marine creatures.

Cave Exploration is a new adventure in Malaysia but it attracts many fans from overseas. Borneo is home to the majestic forest, massive limestone formations and giant caves.


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